Saturday, October 20, 2018

Learn to become Cisco certified in networking and cloud computing for $39

Whether you’re working with large-scale or mom-and-pop networks, assembling that digital architecture the right way is key.  And you can get hired as the mastermind behind those systems with this Cisco Networking and Cloud Computing Certification Bundle, on sale now for $39 (over 90 percent off) from TNW Deals.

Netflix tests ads: No need for drama

News of Netflix testing ads spread like wildfire and caused outrage among bingers worldwide, but there’s no need to fret. For me, the proportions of the meltdown only show that most people have little idea about what Netflix ads really are and how they could actually benefit our watching experience. Everybody calm down, these are not typical ads Netflix boasts over 130 million active subscribers around the globe and certainly can’t afford to alienate its viewers by adulterating the watching experience. However, the news of introducing ads in-between episodes made a lot of people jump to hasty conclusions about the…

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Violent videos put journalists at increased risk of post-traumatic stress

Newsrooms across the UK are finding themselves increasingly under-resourced. Less journalists and constrained budgets has meant many editors now rely on their staff to use more information from digital sources – such as social media. But as more journalism work relies on – or at least incorporates – potentially violent or harmful user-generated content, the risks of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in journalists has increased. This can lead to short, unpleasant careers and, in severe cases, long lasting mental health risks. PTSD is more commonly associated with combat situations or war reporting – but anyone can develop post-traumatic stress after…

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Battlefield V devs reveal how they recreate era-appropriate sounds

With Battlefield V beginning to peek its head out on the horizon of game releases, the game development team is opening the curtain on the making of the game. If you’ve ever wanted to see what goes on in the studio when the game du jour is being created, you’ll find some of EA and DICE’s Dev Talks fascinating. Members from DICE’s sound design team were the focus of the latest episode of the behind-the-scenes shoot, and they revealed some of the stuff they do to get the in-game booms and bangs sounding just right. As far as historical accuracy is concerned, the…

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Do cryptocurrencies need a company like coinbase?

Around the world, popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are being embraced by wide swaths of investors and tech enthusiast alike, which has generated a surge in cryptocurrency-supporting technologies, platforms, and websites. One of these supporting companies, Coinbase, has itself garnered a global reputation thanks to how much of a staple it’s become in the broader cryptocurrency community. But does cryptocurrency really need a company like Coinbase to suceeed? As we’ll come to see, if cryptocurrencies ever really hope to become mainstream, some fundamental changes need to be made, and the widespread embracing of companies like Coinbase is a great…

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An entrepreneur’s guide to Mexico City’s tech scene

In March of this year, Mexico was lauded by tech experts for becoming the first country in Latin America to pass a law regulating fintech, thus unlocking the potential of blockchain technologies to solve entrenched problems relating to political transparency and financial inclusion. For Mexico and its capital city of approximately 9 million, positive publicity can still feel like a novelty. But, in fact, the praiseworthy, forward-thinking commitment to innovation demonstrated by the bill is nothing new. While still struggling to shed an uglier reputation, Mexico City in particular has spent the last half-decade earning new fame as an emerging…

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Chrome 70’s best new feature is picture-in picture

Picture-in-picture has been available in Android for a while now, allowing you to watch a YouTube or Netflix video while doing other stuff. Now that same feature is coming to Chrome on the desktop. The feature has technically been available for a couple of months in the Chrome 69 beta, but Chrome 70 makes PiP public. It works like this: Open a video, right click on it, and select picture-in-pitcure. Your video will be transferred to a floating window.. You can resize or move it to your liking, and it will remain on top of all your other apps and…

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