Monday, December 10, 2018

Apple’s older iPhones might be banned in China over a tussle with Qualcomm

Last night, chipmaker Qualcomm announced that a Chinese court has awarded it two preliminary injunctions against Apple that might lead to it being banned from selling its older phone models, ranging from the iPhone 6S to the iPhone X. However, Apple said that the phones are still on sale across China. The Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court ordered four subsidiaries of Apple to stop infringing two Qualcomm patents. These patents include reformatting the size and appearance of a photograph, and managing apps on a touchscreen phone through functions for viewing, navigating, and dismissing them. Now, these patents apply to devices running iOS 11 or…

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Instagram gets WhatsApp-style walkie-talkie voice messages

Facebook-owned Instagram has just added one of the best features from its sister app, WhatsApp: direct voice messages. Just as in WhatsApp, you can find it in any conversation (including group chats) in the Direct messaging section of the app. Tap and hold the microphone button located in the text entry box, and you can record a message to send to your contacts. They can listen to it whenever they like. I use this a lot on WhatsApp already: it’s great for when your hands aren’t free to type, or if you need to explain something complex quickly. And seeing as how…

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Study: The NHS is desperately in need of infosec professionals

The UK’s NHS health system is desperately short of information security professionals, research from infosec consultancy Redscan shows. The firm found that NHS trusts typically have just one member of staff with cybersecurity credentials per 2,628 employees. A quarter of all trusts surveyed – which includes some of the largest trusts, employing as many as 16,000 people – had no infosec professionals on their payroll whatsoever. The firm also looked at spending on cybersecurity training during the last twelve calendar months between trusts, and found the expenditure varied wildly, from as little as £238 to as much as £78,000. In…

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Microsoft confirms Edge will support Chrome extensions with Chromium switch

When Microsoft announced its Edge browser would be transitioning to the Chromium platform next year, I had one question: will it support Chrome’s extensions? The answer appears to be yes. As spotted by Thurrott, Edge’s Project Manager, Kyle Alden, took to Reddit to answer some question about the change. Alden notes that it’s Microsoft’s “intention to support existing Chrome extensions.” Alden goes on to address what will happen to apps that currently rely on Edge’s rending engine, saying they will be allowed to continue to use it, but Microsoft will offer the new engine as an option as well. He also mentions…

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5 ways AI can be an ally for human rights over the next decade

Today we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by examining the positive ways artificial intelligence will affect humanity in the next decade. Also, we ate an entire cake by ourselves. There’s very little chance AI will rise up and become sentient any time soon. So there’s no real rush to convene the heads of government and hold a series of extensive arguments about AI and robot rights. But, it’s a bit strange we’re not doing exactly that with regards to AI and its effect on human rights. AI can be a powerful ally for…

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Epic is already poaching indie games from Steam

Last week, Fortnite creator Epic Games announced it was creating its own store, in direct competition with Valve’s Steam store. As part of its incentive, it was using a new revenue sharing model, in which it would keep only 12 percent of revenue, as opposed to the industry standard of 30. It appears that effort is already bearing fruit, as some indie developers have either delayed or outright cancelled their Steam launches. According to a report from PC Gamer, several games have vanished from the Steam store in order to make their debut alongside Fortnite on the new storefront. Some developers are releasing…

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Australia’s horrific new encryption law likely to obliterate its tech scene

Australia‘s government signed a bill into law last week giving law enforcement agencies the right to force technology companies to reveal users’ encrypted messages. Another way of putting it: Australia‘s tech scene will soon be located on the Wayback Machine. The law was introduced as the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018, but now it’s official. And there’s a lot to be concerned about, even if you don’t live or work in Australia. The new law gives Australian law enforcement agencies the power to issue cooperation notices to technology entities with the purpose of gaining access…

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