Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Enjoy a trip to Silicone Valley in Spain’s new sex doll brothel

Book your flights to Spain, everyone. The West’s first sex doll brothel opened in Barcelona this week. LumiDolls (NSFW) claims to be the “first sex doll agency.” The rates for these high-tech silicone figures start at 80-euros (or about $85) for one hour. There are four LumiDolls currently available: Blonde Katy, redheaded Lily, African Leiza, and blue-haired “Japanese anime character” Aki. The description of the latter is no exaggeration, by the way. Aki is a dead ringer for anime singer Hatsune Miku, and her description says this [when run through Google Translate]: Have you ever imagined moments of intimacy with any of those…

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