Monday, April 3, 2017

A British inventor created his own Iron Man-like flight suit (and we want it)

We all want to be Iron Man. Zipping through clouds using jet propulsion and an exoskeleton made of a hardened nickel-titanium alloy seems futuristic, but not outside the realm of possibility. Tony Stark did it, after all, but fictional billionaires-turned-genius-inventors don’t get us any closer to the goal of human flight. Entrepreneur and inventor Richard Browning isn’t Tony Stark, although the parallels are there. Browning, much like Stark, invented his own flight suit complete with six jet engines, a heads-up display, and WiFi-enabled monitoring. It’s not a Jarvis-equipped nearly-indestructible suit, but if it’s flying you want, Browning has you covered. After spending the last 12 months…

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