Friday, April 28, 2017

Cops Brag about Tiny Pot Bust on Twitter – Immediately Get Lit Up with Dank Replies (TWEETS

A tiny pot bust to remember…and rebuke

The New York Police Department proudly tweeted two of its finest posing with itty-bitty bags of pot. What was the NYPD thinking? Of course the Twitterverse was not impressed.

And hordes of Twitter users said so.

The thing about marijuana is that it's almost ubiquitous in the U.S., with nearly 61 percent of the population supporting its legalization, reports. And that means posting postage stamp-sized pot bust looks, well, rather silly.

The dealer these two took down was also packing machetes and apparently a can of Monster energy drink. Well, the machetes could have been trouble, but the weed certainly wasn't.

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And apparently the NYPD in Ozone Park, Queens, was unhappy because the photo they tweeted wasn't getting much attention. So they tweeted it again, and that resulted in these tweets like this:

And in the "I couldn't have said it better myself category," there's this:

Dear police people: If you want to promote a better image on the social media, don't show everyone how you picked on the little guy or shot some random, innocent African-Americans as you so often do. You see, to the rest of us, who are just everyday people, it makes you look bad.

Now, going after serial rapists, child molesters and murderers — that makes you look good.

Just sayin.'

Photo courtesy of Twitter

H/T to boingboing

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