Friday, April 28, 2017

Spellfucker cleverly screws up your spelling to beat web bots

Spellfucker is a new text obfuscating tool that changes the input text into coherent gibberish that humans can make sense of, but not computers. This means it would make it more difficult for bots to exploit information about you, for example, targeting ads based on what you type. There’s already some other apps out there with similar functions, like Text Obfuscator and Bbboing, but most of them are quite easily reversible which can make it easier for pesky AI to figure out. Bbboing, for eaxlmpe, outeabcsfs the txet by kpieneg the frsit and lsat letter in ecah wrod the smae, wlihe rniizoadnmg the rset. Alaeptpnry, rrseceah…

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