Thursday, May 18, 2017

BREAKING: Pence Is Going Down Over Trump-Russia Scandal Too, Powerful Dem Says

Senator Adam Schiff Explains the Path to Pence Impeachment

According to an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Congressman Adam Schiff says Vice President Mike Pence's days may be numbered. Vice President Pence may be as culpable as Donald Trump in the investigation into who knew what regarding General Mike Flynn's foreign involvement. This comes on the heels of another tough day at the White House where the president is calling the pending  investigation 'a witch hunt'.

What it says about the transition team and the President is that they were less concerned about whether Mike Flynn had a deep conflict of interest, may have violated reporting requirements or may be acting as an agent of a foreign power than they were having the guy that they wanted to have who was a personal friend apparently of the president.

Schiff went on to say that if Pence knew that Flynn was involved with the Turkish Government during the transition period, it could very well be an impeachable offense. A conflict of interest of that magnitude, Schiff said, is information that cannot be overlooked.

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If these reports are accurate and Mike Flynn was helping to make decisions even during the transition period affecting our approach to the war in Syria about we should arm the Kurds, and he's being paid by Turkey, you can see the real world impact of this conflict of interest and this failure to disclose. And of course, it's worse if he did disclose it, and the White House brought him on none the less.

Since Mike Pence headed up the Trump transition team, he was directly connected to Flynn's recommendations on foreign national security during the transfer of power. If he knowingly allowed Flynn to operate in his capacity as National Security Adviser while the investigation was ongoing, that could spell big problems for an already floundering White House.

Vice President Pence has stated that he didn't know Flynn was being investigated until March but reports say Flynn told Trump's legal team he disclosed his dealings with Turkey and the resulting investigation on January 4, a full 16 days before Trump took office and more than a month before Flynn's February 13 resignation.

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