Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Google is now selling its 4K digital whiteboard for $5000

Jamboard, Google’s 4K whiteboard-like touchscreen, is now available for sale — for an appropriately large sum. Jamboard, our cloud-based collaborative, digital whiteboard is now available: https://t.co/g8N9WWDxRO pic.twitter.com/U9YqB481lS — G Suite (@gsuite) May 23, 2017 As Napier noted when the Jamboard was announced, it looks like a whiteboard, acts like a tablet, and comes with a few other collaboration tools. It lets multiple people work together in G Suite with a central location, even remote employees. The big touchscreen is obviously designed with a business team in mind. It has its own movable stand (sold separately, natch), complete with single cable to control…

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