Thursday, May 25, 2017

Russia showcases the first computers based on its indigenous Elbrus-8S processor

Russian state-owned technology Ruselectronics has demonstrated the first computers running its own domestic Elbrus-8S silicon. The Elbrus-8S packs eight cores, and is manufactured using a 28 nanometer process. In comparison, the current-generation Intel Kaby Lake processors use a 14-nanometer process. According to Ruselectronics, the chip is between three and five times faster than the previous Elbrus-4S processor, and has I/O channels that are eight times higher. The Elbrus-4S, which came out in 2015, was sharply derided in the tech press for slow performance, with PC World editor Mark Hachman comparing it a CPU from 1999. While the Elbrus-8S doesn’t compare to contemporary…

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