Tuesday, June 13, 2017

E3 lets the public in for the first time and absolute chaos ensues

This is the first year E3 has been open to the public. What’s to complain about 15,000 excited gamers finally getting their chance to enter the world’s largest gaming event? First-ever public E3. 😮😮 pic.twitter.com/7l61raJIBG — Wes Phillips (@WesPhillips) June 13, 2017 Oh. They certainly got the crowds back to E3. There's still people waiting outside to get in the building. pic.twitter.com/tP0BbspaBc — Graham Nardone (@SimGuruGraham) June 13, 2017 Oh dear. Look, I’ve been to many a big conference covering tech so I know how crazy they can get, but this year’s E3 looks especially bonkers – to the point of…

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