Tuesday, June 6, 2017

‘Major Trump Supporter’ Brutally Stabs Black Man to Death After Arguing About Politics & Sports

A California man who is an avid supporter of Donald Trump allegedly stabbed and killed an African-American man in what may be a racially motivated attack on Saturday.

Trump brings out the worst in already horrible people

And as it turns out, this isn’t the first time Phillip Wade, 38, a resident of Antioch, California, has stabbed someone, The East Bay Times reports that Phillips, a huge fan of Donald Trump, has stabbed two other men in the past: 23-year-old Justin Garza in March 2011 and 49-year-old Kann Cendejas in 2013. Cendejas, a homeless veteran, died from his injuries.

Wade’s friend, Gabriel Desta said the man had “many altercations over the years,” but added that “lately he was getting paranoid — unusually paranoid,” Mic.com reports. 

“The other day at Mel’s Diner, he told the waitress that he would stab a group of black guys there, saying they were talking bad about him, but they weren’t talking about him,” Desta said.

Wade appears to be white, but his victim, 57-year-old Anthony Johnson, was African-American. Both of his previous victims have Hispanic-sounding names and it appears they were Hispanic.

Desta said his friend was sometimes “prejudiced” and became a follower and then a “major Trump supporter.” He added Wade was on medication for seizures and started telling Desta that people were talking about him, even when the folks in question were too far away to be heard.

Wade’s Facebook page shows increasingly aggressive statements aimed at blacks and Muslims. On May 19, he posted a threatening and racist statement against  former president Barack Obama and a gun emoji and an emoji of a man wearing a turban.

On Saturday, Wade started arguing about sports and politics with Johnson, a resident of Pittsburgh, California on a Tri-Delta transit bus.  Both men got off the bus in Oakley, near Oakland, California and kept arguing.

Within minutes, Wade drew a knife and allegedly stabbed Johnson several times. Someone passing by in a car witnessed the situation and drew a gun and ordered Wade to get on the ground. The witness kept him there until police arrived, Mic.com reports.

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Police weren’t certain who was who and wound up taking both the suspect and the witness into custody. The witness was released shortly after. Johnson was transported to the hospital but later succumbed to his injuries and left behind grieving family members.

His brother, James Johnson said “Tony” was never a violent man. He loved to socialize and was well-known in Pittsburgh.

“He just talked a lot. He could talk to anybody and sometimes he would talk loud,” James said. “He socialized a lot and he talks, but he wasn’t a man to be violent like that.”

Tony moved from Alabama back home to Pittsburgh three years after his wife passed away, James said.

Lavonda Harts, Anthony Johnson’s niece, said her uncle loved life and loved to talk sports and politics.

“He was very quick with his words and everyone always has a joke he’s told them,” Harts said. “He left some funny jokes with anyone he ever met.”

So we lost this well-loved man to an “avid Trump supporter.” These people are over-running the U.S. like some kind of infection.

This comes at a time when racists have been emboldened by the rise of Donald Trump, who regularly targeted blacks, Muslims and Hispanic people, running on a campaign of racism and Islamophobia.

In March, James Harris Jackson traveled to New York City from Baltimore in March and stabbed a 66-year old black man through the chest to discourage white women from having interracial relationships. On May 20, Sean Urbanski, who was a member of a Facebook group that disparaged women, Jews, Latinos, and black people, allegedly murdered Richard Collins III, a young lieutenant with a promising future. And on May 26, two white men lost their lives defending two teen girls against Jeremy Joseph Christian, who launched into a deadly anti-Muslim rampage.

I wonder how many Obama supporters have done things like this? Hmmm…maybe NONE of them have.

More than a few Trump supporters have done this and they are cowardly. That’s their biggest problem. They hate what they don’t understand and are too lazy or too stupid to understand it.

Police are investigating whether there are racial ties to this crime.

And as the Southern Poverty Law Center reports, anti-Muslim hate groups are proliferating in the U.S. now that Trump is president, nearly tripling from 34 in 2010 to over 100 in 2016. That’s a rise of more than 197 percent, and by far “the most dramatic change” among hate groups in the U.S.

This is sad, pathetic and disgusting. Ask yourself if these hate crimes will continue to spiral out of control during Trump’s presidency.

It doesn’t look encouraging, does it?

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