Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sacre Bleu! Overwatch streamer plays with baguette sniper rifle

Look, Overwatch fans — I’m willing to accept some of the goofy controllers y’all have dreamed up. Turntables for Lucio, a sword for Genji, even a hammer for Reinhardt? All good for me. But now someone’s created a custom Widowmaker controller … from a baguette. And I think it’s just a step too far, if only because it’s a waste of a perfectly edible baguette. The Widowmaker baguette controller WORKS! Here's a sneak peek! In 12 hours' time, we're putting it to the test! — Rudeism (@rudeism) June 28, 2017 This video comes courtesy of Rudeism, the guy…

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