Monday, June 5, 2017

Trump Totally Loses it — Attacks Own Executive Order (VIDEO)

Another day, another Trump Twitter meltdown

This time he’s slamming his own Justice Department, the judiciary — and even an executive order that he signed. The White House had declared that today would be the start of “Infrastructure Week,” as part of an effort to privatize America’s air traffic control system, as well as its roads, bridges and tunnels. And everything was copacetic until he watched Morning Joe, where guests noted that his own administration seemed to be suggesting that Trump doesn’t specifically want a travel ban, New Republic reports. 

You can watch the discussion below:

This launched Trump into rant mode on Twitter.

Trump began his rant shortly after 4 a.m. Monday, and Bloomberg notes that the president seems to be throwing a monkey wrench and sabotaging the upcoming Supreme Court case. By insisting on calling his own executive order a travel ban, he shows contempt because the lawyers involved are his very own attorneys. This won’t go unnoticed in the legal community.

The tweet is also insulting to lower court justices, who have treated the order as if it were a travel ban, and that’s just begging for the Supreme Court to vindicate these judges.

And the legal briefs filed by the Trump administration don’t call the order a travel ban. This makes sense, because a travel ban at this point is extremely difficult and nearly impossible to defend in court, Bloomberg notes.

Then there’s the fact that the phrase “Muslim ban” is talked about incessantly and this led many courts to conclude that the order wasn’t motivated by national security concerns, but by unconstitutional anti-Muslim prejudice.

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What’s even worse is that his second tweet shows that Trump has no idea how the systems inside the Justice Department and his own White House even work. The second executive order came from the White House, bearing his signature. By stating it was “submitted” to the Supreme Court, Trump is saying that the only reason this second version exists is so that it may survive judicial review. Bloomberg notes that calling it politically correct and “watered down” makes it appear that Trump doesn’t mean it.

There’s a small chance that Trump is aware that the Supreme Court will strike this executive order down and that he’s trying to use this to spin the idea that he is the radical change America needs, but he’s being held down by the media, various branches of government and other institutions in order to meet the needs of the elites.

But this isn’t likely. Trump is tone-deaf in the public eye. And he’s likely using this to fear-monger, just like he did after the attacks in Orlando, San Bernardino and Paris, perhaps viewing this as a way to curry favor with Republican voters. And he’s really stepped this up after Saturday’s attack on the London Bridge. He’s even trying to start a feud with London Mayor Sadiq Khan. 

If there’s one thing that’s really become apparent, it’s that this man doesn’t even understand how his own government works He’s a blowhard with an apparently short memory. He’s unstable at the very least, and we have no way of knowing what he will do when another terrorist attack occurs in the U.S.

And that’s really frightening.

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